Sebo X7 Pet ePower Review

Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal, as those of us with pet allergies can definitely attest to. The impact of allergens in the air of one’s home can make for an uncomfortable environment, but you love that animal too.

Enter the Sebo 91540GB Automatic X7 Pet ePower upright vacuum cleaner – aimed at that segment of the market who have pets allergies. Here, as a sufferer of such allergens, is my review based on personal experience.

How effective is the 91540GB?

Let’s cut straight to the chase – The absolute must is that it clears the air. Well, I am pleased to report that is certainly the case.

Sebo has made this one of their flagship products and this seems to do a particularly good job on carpeted areas – that’s what it is primarily designed for. It’s also very effective on hard floor surfaces, unlike some of the other Sebo vacuum cleaners such as the Felix Pet Power (which has a weaker 700w motor).


The main features and specifications of the Sebo X7 Pet ePower are as followsL

  • Filter: Dust re-emission class A
  • 5 year guarantee (not a feature but gives you peace of mind)
  • 80 decibel noise level
  • Height 78cm, width 31cm, depth 24cm
  • 5.3 litre bag capacity
  • Turbo tool for embedded pet hair and dirt
  • Powerful 890 watt motor
  • 7.4kg weight
  • Energy efficiency B
  • 10 metre cord length/vacuum range
  • Variable power controls

It seems like this cleaner was made for specifically sucking up animal hairs, as it really does an effective job of doing just that. Easy to manouvre, when you push and pull it around the house it feels quite light.

The X7 has hard floor cleaning performance class A and carpet cleaning performance class B. This model comes with charcoal filters for reducing smells.


The add-on tools that come with the X7 Pet ePower 91540GB are as follows:

  • Upholstery nozzle tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Pet hair Turbo brush tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Searchlight function
  • Performance boost button to lower the brush slightly


I do like the way that this machine has been designed. For instance, the power switch is located in a convenient place (simple but so many aren’t this way). The hose is also part of the well-engineered design, and it comes slots into its own handle when you re-attach it to the machine.

If you’ve owned the older X1 or X4 Sebo models, you may find that there seems to be very little difference between them and the X7. That familiarity should be welcome, as Sebo, for me, is the top vacuum cleaner brand out there. It’s hard to beat.

Overall Thoughts

This is a top-of-the-range vacuum cleaner that pretty much has it all. Powerful suction, brilliant for getting up animal hair and keeping allergens trapped using filters. Attractive and practical design.

It comes with a great range of tools, too. There isn’t much more that most people could want from a household vacuum and it comes wholly recommended.