Le Creuset Stir Frying Pan Review

Who doesn’t love Le Creuset or dream of using it one day? This frying pan is all that it says on the packaging.

If you are unfamiliar with it, Le Creuset is a brand held in very high esteem. Their kitchenware is sturdy, solid, strong, and well made using excellent materials.

This frying pan is non-stick and it’s not too heavy to handle as some of the cast I rent parts of the same brand-name are heavy to left this frying pan has really high size

It’s shaped like a wok, so if you’re frying it doesn’t splash on your (in my case,induction class) cooker.

This is a nicely designed frying pan and can be used for your everyday frying. There really is no need to limit its use to only making Chinese recipes.

So, if you fry your eggs in the frying pan over vegetables, your oil doesn’t splash out onto the stove. Thus, it’s a nice way of being able to cook in a clean way and keep everything nice.

Regarding cleaning, you can hand wash if you prefer but the Le Creuset stir frying pan also goes in your dishwasher which makes it very convenient.

When it comes to kitchenware, you often get what you pay for. This frying pan is high-quality and I highly recommend it.