Vogue Stainless Steel 3 Tier Clearing Trolley Small Review

If you need to move small items such as plates and cups around an office, restaurant or house, trolleys can come in handy. In this Vogue 3 Tier Clearing Trolley review, I’m going to put it together and then put it to the test.


The unit comes flat-packed and you need to assemble it. Thankfully, this is easy enough as the diagram in the instructions is sound. However, it is (as advertised) a two-person job to fit the shelves.

Once made, it felt robust and was easy to move around.

How small is it?

This is the junior version of the Vogue stainless steel range of clearing trolleys and it stands 82.5cm tall. Depending on your height, it could be a bit too small but most people should be able to reach the handles.

The trolley has an area of just under 82.5 x 40.5 cm and it has three tiers of trays. All in all, the trolley can handle a hefty 128 kilograms of weight.

Because it’s a mini size, you should be able to stow the trolley away (eg under a worktop) when not in use if you have a small space for it. There are 24cms between each tier tray.

The three shelves have dimensions of 68.6cm x 38cm. They are each 3.2cm in height.

Usage Test

It’s designed with three shelves that can be used to carry just about anything. The stainless steel design is good for more than one reason. First, it’s very sturdy and secondly, it’s easy to clean after use.

Even with it fully loaded, moving the trolley feels pretty effortless. That is thanks to the four heavy-duty castor wheels. There are handrails at both ends, meaning that you can push or pull it.

The handrails also help when trying to manoeuvre through tight spaces and around obstacles. The shelves all have raised edges, handy for preventing items sliding off when in motion.

There are also brakes on two of the wheels in case you need the trolley to be locked in a stationary position. At just 11.8 kgs, the trolley is also very light.

All in all, there are no complaints about this impressive little unit. The Vogue Clearing Trolley is simple to assemble, feels sturdy & solid and is easy to clean. Highly recommended if you have the need and not too much room.