Numatic NRV 240-11 Dry Vacuum Cleaner (Henry) Review

Nothing is quite as recognisable as this classic sucker. If someone asked you about the “Numatic NRV 240-11 Dry Vacuum Cleaner” it would likely draw a blank expression as a response.

Yes, I’m talking about a Henry.


The dimensions for the Henry are 340mm x 360mm x 370 mm. It’s the standard size for this 9 litre version.

You can expect Numatic’s tough features that tradespeople have come to love from the Henry. It really is made to last with its high build standards.

Features of the Numatic NRV 240-11 Vacuum Cleaner

  • Nine Litre capacity, and has a bumper to keep it protected.
  • There is less stopping to plug and unplug with the long-reach 12.5 m cable
  • A-rated cleaning.
  • Self-seal tab locks all the dust in the bag. Thus, there reallu is no mess.

This vacuum cleaner is ideally suited for cleaning hard floors – easily switch between carpets and hard floors with a high-performance combi floor tool. Simply put, this really is powerful and efficient cleaning technology.

Here’s a video that shows the unboxing and usage of the NRV 200-11 Dry Vacuum cleaner. It’s actually a good reference for a lot of the things that you’ll want to know about this cleaner are identical to the NRV240-11.

How This Henry Performs

The Henry is basically a bullet-proof product. It’s designed to perform under heavy-duty circumstances.

The most notable of these tick boxes is the fact that dust actually stays in the Henry. That’s thanks to the self-seal tab locks that are really very effective.

Ideal for any situation, some people use these solely for indoor purposes but that’s a bit like buying a mountain bike and never going off-road.

The Henry excels with picking up at about anything, so garage (eg brick & cement dust, plaster, wood shavings) or garden (dirt, soil, leaves) usage is all no problem.

It’s an icon and received a full five stars from me.