Reishunger Rice Cooker Review

As you’ll know if you do a lot of cooking, rice can be a bit of a difficult customer to deal with. Many people give up with conventional pans and opt to go for a rice cooker such as the Reishunger rice cooker.

As you might expect from German engineering, this is a kitchen aid that is well-built and designed. It comes with a plastic tray (for steaming vegetables simultaneously) a ladle and a measuring cup.

The non-stick coating is there to prevent the rice fro burning and it’s easy to clean this as well, of course.

Does a good job – no burning of the rice is evident. Rice can also be kept warm with the ‘keep warm’ function. It’s actually a very simple device to operate – no complicated settings,

Here’s an excellent video that reviews the cooker from unboxing all the way through to cooking rice.

I think that this is an ideal solution for cooking rice at home and give it a big thumbs up. Reasonably priced for what it does, as well.