Giesswein Dannheim Slipper Review – How Comfy?

I’m going to answer that question straight away for the impatient reading this – Very, very comfy. This Geisswein Dannheim Slipper is made from pure virgin wool. The nice thing about this slipper is that it’s not only warm, but also temperature regulating at the same time.

It has a soft natural rubber sole which is non-slip and flexible. So, you can slip them on and off but you won’t be slippin’ around in them.


The description of the product mentions that when walking, a light cushioning effect is achieved. That’s one way of putting it – but this turns out to be very accurate indeed.

It is because of the soft midsole which is made from the virgin wool. It’s almost as if you’re woalking about in bare feet.

The price point of these slippers is also attractive for what you get. I don’t want to wear anything else in the house after having worn Geisswein Dannheim Slippers.