Dr Pen A7 Microneedling Pen Review

The craze of microneedling has really taken off in the last five years or so. So what is the fuss all about? We looked into it with the Dr Pen A7 Kit Skin Care Ultima Pen.

What MicroNeedling Promises

The microneedling pen is supposed to be able to regenerate your skin cells by creating tiny wounds in it. What happens when these micro-injuries are made is a healing response that creates collagen.

This collagen is therefore going to be newly generated and can combat unwanted wrinkles and skin tone. It may even be good for regenerating hair follicles for hair loss sufferers.

The advert for it mentions that it can be used for frown lines, eye bags, smile lines, acne scars, age spots, thin lips, neck bands and sagging. All the stuff people want to get rid of!!

What is it?

The device itself has 12 microneedles (although cartridges with more can be bought) that are made of titanium. These needles basically go up and down like a jackhammer when the pen is running.

When you press the tip of the device against skin, it makes punctures very quickly in it.

The pack that you receive contains 2 disposable cartridges in a sealed, sterile container. The speed of the pen can be adjusted, as can the length that you want the needles to be that stick out.

The highest (longest) setting is 2.5mm. That would probably be considerably painful, to say the least.

All in all, that’s a lot of control that it provides. It’s the same kind of device that beauty salons have been using for some time. The idea of this is to save quite a bit of money by doing it yourself.

Here’s a really good review and comparison between the Dr Pen A6 and A7 microneedling pens by Penny Smith:

Looks pretty painful, doesn’t it?

Does It Work? Long Haul

All of this might sound like its too good to be true. However, many people already swear by microneedling devices.

Because a long-term test is required for this particular review, we will post the results here once there has been enough time to see if any progress is made. Stay tuned.