Crystal Ski – Hintereglemm Resort, Stammhaus Wolf Hotel

Crystal Ski is an established UK operator for package holidays. Here we review the overall package ski holiday for their Hinterglemm Resort holiday with accommodation at Stammhaus Wolf Hotel.

Booking and lead up

Making the booking was done pretty easily via the Crystal Ski website and the payments needed to be made in 2 instalments. No complaints about the process, everything was clear.

The second and final instalment was the larger one and was required in October (the trip date was December 28).

Post-booking, some changes to the original booking were made and communicated by Crystal Ski via email. One was the time of the flights and the other was to advise of the fact that the hotel had changed its name from Hotel Alpine Palace to the Stammhaus Wolf.

The change of flight times was communicated several months prior to the trip and fortunately, the difference in time was not great, so little inconvenience especially as we had not booked travel to the airport yet.

Besides, it was TUI Airways who made the change so it really wasn’t the fault of Crystal Ski who had no choice in the matter.

Flights and arrival in Salzburg airport

The flight was as expected although the plane was not exactly spacious!

It was a fairly smooth transition once landed and you just had to keep an eye out for Crystal Ski reps at the airport.

No issues here.

Transfer to the resort, Hotel check-in

Once off the second bus, you arrive at the Stammhaus Wolf hotel. The hotel is of an OK standard.

The reception are and eating areas are definitely of a high quality.

The rooms at Stammhaus Wolf

The rooms, on the other hand, are pretty basic and it’s probably about the minumum of comfort that you might expect. However, if you don’t intend on spending a lot of time in your room it won’t really matter.

Ski Resort: Hinterglemm

The actual ski resort is right on the doorstep (well, just around the corner) from the lifts and it’s a really nice resort too.

The slopes are pretty easy, so if you a novice or beginner then it will suit you right down to the ground.

Here’s a video clip of some of the skiing that you can expect on the mountain.

Food at the Stammhaus Wolf

The food is certainly plentiful at the hotel. They even have a 3pm apres ski buffet than early eaters can avail themselves to.

Breakfast and evening meals are a combination of buffet (starters) and a la carte menu. The staff were particularly pleasant and helpful and the food was fine.

The dining experience there was something to really look forward to.


Overall thoughts on the experience are that Crystal Ski has put together a decent package and that we feel that it is good value for money and a nice experience.