Cotto Restaurant Review – Cambridge Restaurant Reviews

Cotto Restaurant Review – Cambridge Restaurant Reviews

Cambridge can be a hard place to find a good restaurant. If you want to avoid chains the choice is limited, so when you learn that there is a place like Cotto it can be a reason for celebration.

Finally high quality food, without having to go to the main alternative (Midsummer House). Here’s what we found

At the beginning of the evening, the service was very attentive. However, as the restaurant gradually got busier, it became clear that they could do with more staff around

The food, it must be said, was just amazing. It’s definitely above average for Cambridge standards.

If you read reviews from others, you might find that they get a little carried away with the amount of praise dished out. And they have a point, of sorts.

The decor is nice enough but given the steep food prices a higher quality of finish would be welcome in my opinion. And that’s the main sticking point.

It’s just so incredibly expensive.

These are the kind of prices that you would expect to see in the heart of Mayfair. But those posh London venues come with all the trimmings such as beautiful furnishings, top quality crockery, cutlery, crystal-ware, service and ingredients – not to mention their very high rents.

Cotto serves up very good food at around the same price – but without a lot of the trimmings mentioned above.

So, if you are feeling flush and money is not a concern, you will no doubt love Cotto.