Sports Index – Web site reviews

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Sports Index is a long established online presence and, just as the name suggests, an index of the best sports-related information mainly for the UK audience. 

The site was originally devised in the 1990s when search engines did not necessarily have the accuracy that they do today, and the index approach was more common to locate what were official sites as opposed to fan sites.

Sports index categorises content into several sports and mainly focuses on football (soccer), cricket, formula 1, horse racing, rugby and golf.  Under each sports category, the best of club sites, shopping sites, betting sites, tickets and news sites are listed. 

For example, the football section features the best football betting sites, identifying and rating each of the best betting sites for that sport.

Newsfeeds can also be found on various pages and the sports coverage extends beyond the ‘major’ sports too.  There are listings for boxing, table tennis, badminton and hockey for example. 

While some of the links are in need of an update from time to time, this site continues to be a useful place to get to official link pages as well as useful and unbiased information from people who clearly love sport.

There is also a twitter feed at SportsIndexUK to give you all of the latest news.