iPhone 5c Review – Phone Reviews

Apple released it’s flagship device on a more affordable basis with the iPhone 5c.  Well, more affordable for Apple at least but nothing to rival the prices of comparable Android mid-range devices.  The 5c is not what most people consider to be cheap with starting prices from GBP 469/USD 549/AUD 739 for the 16GB handset.

The reason for the iPhone 5c’s lower price is basically down to the cheaper materials that it’s made of compared to the iPhone 5S.  So instead of metal the 5c is clad with plastic, for example.  You can get these covers in green, pink, yellow, white or blue colours which go over the steel frame which also acts as an antenna.

The iPhone 5c feels pretty lightweight to use and also durable – you could feel less worried about breaking a phone like this but if you wish you can also buy a rubber skin to get extra grip.  However, the iPhone 5c is slightly heavier than the iPhone 5 and also packs in the same A6 processor, 8MP rear camera, 1.9 MP front camera, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi specifications.  It feels good in the hand and our we found the iPhone 5c’s minimalistic approach to be useful.  Just the one button at the base of the device, the headphone jack next to the charging port and the on/off button in addition to the volume controls.

iOS7 runs on the iPhone 5c at time of release and we really like this operating system which offers an even more user friendly way to navigate the iPhone in this reviewer’s opinion.

Whilst the display on the iPhone 5c might feel on the smaller side (especially if you’re migrating from an Android device), it is in fact the same size as the screen offered by the iPhone 5S and 5 so there is o compromise there.  In fact, the 5c is a handy size that fits into most pockets easily.  It also has a benefit of being 4G enabled with Apple announcing that it has (with the 5s) support for the widest range of 4G bands of all smartphones.

All in all the iPhone 5c is a marvellous piece of engineering that provides an excellent user experience.

More to follow as the iPhone 5c is put through its paces.