Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoe Review

The Nike Revolution 5 is pretty well-priced, entry-level, well priced running shoe. It is made with soft foam.

The foam is designed to ensure a comfortable run over short distances. Nike Revolution 5 performs with more durability than similar shoes in this price range. A good comparison would be the Adidas Duramo 9.

With the Revolution 5, Nike has overhauled the Revolution 4, changing the whole running shoe almost completely. The Nike Revolution 5 does have some of the characteristics and style or its more expensive models.

This includes the look of the Epic React foam. It’s on a par with other similar brands when it comes to performance, look and feel.

When first trying on, the fit is actually very comfortable. Because the upper is so light and thin, there is plenty of room for the foot to move.

The shoe’s sole stretches out further than the width of the foot so that it feels rather sturdy and stable.

We Say

For those of you new to it who are considering taking up outdoor running, I’d actually recommend beginning with a more traditionally designed running shoe..

The Nike Revolution 5 is more something that you would call a cross-trainer. i.e. A show that is for multi-sport rather than one with a sole that will last for more miles on the road.