Diary of a WImpy Kid: The Last Straw

This review sent in from one of our young reviewers, aged 8.

This is a very funny book which is full of silly antics from Greg Heffley and friends.  Ideal for 8-11 year olds, this is the third book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Greg’s Dad is annoyed with Greg’s wimpy ways and wants him to toughen up like his neighbours’ kids.
Hilarious moments include Greg ‘dancing’ in Phys Ed class, his waking up routine, love interest Holly mistaking him for Fregley (the nerdy character on Greg’s street) and his boasting about being the ‘fetcher’ on the school soccer team.
In winter, Greg is still on the soccer team freezing away on the bench, and it is so cold that the other fetchers decide to go and get sleeping bags just to keep warm. One day his Mum decides to go to the gym after Greg left his book bag in the car, so she walks into the classroom in her leotard and says ‘You forgot this, sweetie!’ which causes him maximum embarrassment!
Great illustrations include a t-shirt from his Uncle Gary’s first wedding (‘Everlasting Love’) and 
Holly’s pillow fight sleepover while Greg is stuck with a mini-kid sleepover.