De Luca Cucina & Bar Restaurant Review – Cambridge

Address: 83 Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 1AW England

De Luca is an Italian restaurant located in the heart of Cambridge.

Inside, it’s a long and quite narrow space, with the tables are quite tightly packed. As a result, this requires that the waiting staff need to take a sometimes circuitous route – and perform impressive contortions – just to sprinkle some parmesan or proffer a fresh bottle of wine. It’s quite amusing, actually.

This, however, adds in a strange kind of way, charm and appeal to the place. in a funny way, the waiting staff really do go out of their way to serve you!

The restaurant has a broad mix of clientele, from students, young and old couples. The ambience is that of being quite lively, yet cosy. The food is well made Italian fare, including set menus for those who just can’t decide what to order.

I highly recommend De Luca Cucina and will be returning to it again for sure. Delicioso!