Cobra BV26C Leaf Blower Review

Sometimes you need a helping hand in the garden to save yourself a lot of time. Enter the leaf blower, and in particular the Cobra. It also has vacuum functionality for those who need it, but for most people who get something like this, it’s mainly about the leaves so let’s look at the blowing rather than the suction aspect.

Watch the video below for how to start the leaf blower from a cold start:

  1. Prime by pressing the prime button 5 times.
  2. Choke in the on (up) position
  3. Turn the on/off switch to ON
  4. Finger on the trigger
  5. Pull the cord

This useful garden tool blows leaves with a good deal of force. It’s especially useful for blowing leaves out of garden beds and away from walls etc. There are other makes on the market and some of these are pretty expensive but it does not seem that there is an awful lot of difference between them in terms of functionality.

All in all, the BV26C seems to work pretty well. It takes petrol and so you’ll need to buy some whenever you get low. However, the freedom to move around without a wire can be very liberating. You’ll know the hassle of an electric-power blower if you have used one before. Sometimes there are just not long enough cables.

Initially, the unit can sometimes a bit temperamental in starting from a cold start (I used this here on a cold day) but once you get over that things work really well. I will update here with any developments in using this product.

Where can I buy a Cobra BV26C Leaf Blower?

If you fancy saving yourself a trip to the shops, I’d get it delivered to your door. Thankfully, these can be bought online and it’s available here at Amazon.

Cobra BV26C Leaf Blower Review, reviewed by Wandering Reviewer on 2019-12-05T18:46:54+01:00 rating 4.7 out of 5