Spear and Jackson Leaf Grabber Review

Ever looked out at the garden when all of the leaves are dropping and get depressed? I was – Just thinking about all of that time I’d have to spend raking alone in the miserable cold got me down.

Then I was told by a friend about something called a leaf grabber that made it, well, fun. It was time to order one!

Types of Leaf Grabbers

Little did I know about the world of leaf grabbers. You can get cheap handheld ones (where you use them like a large pair of gloves) that allow you to scoop leaves on the ground and press them together.

These are sometimes referred to as leaf grabber hands, I believe. However, despite the fact that these are very inexpensive, they look really painful on the back so that was definitely out of the question.

Leaf grabber hands might be suitable if you are on a very tight budget but if you have a lot of leaves to move, then probably not the best idea.

Then there are the long-handled types, which don’t require much or any bending. A leaf grabber with handles is the type that most people will be looking for and this is what I decided to get. It wasn’t a difficult decision!

Where to buy a Leaf Grabber

A quick search will uncover various brands that are available and I decided to opt for the Spear and Jackson plastic one, as it seemed to be good value and in stock.

You will be able to find these on various shopping sites online such as Amazon and also in stores such as Screwfix should you like to see the merchandise first-hand before buying.

Spear and Jackson Leaf Grabber Performance

The box arrived (bought it online) and it was surprisingly light. Once opened, the unit came pre-assembled which is always good. It’s basically like a large pair of tongs that work in a scissor action.

I noticed that the ‘grabbers’ were not perfectly aligned but it seemed good enough to get going. First off, if you are able to herd the leaves a bit, do that to save some time.

I also made use of a leaf blower which will really help get leaves out of nooks and crannies that would otherwise be inconvenient to get to with the leaf grabber.

Despite the slight misalignment, the leaf grabber worked a treat. This simple contraption really does do a great job of getting those leaves effectively.

Once you have used one, there’s no way that you’re going back to using a rake. There isn’t much more to say than that.

Leaf Grabber Tip

Where you have leaves spread over a large area (rather than all blown into a big pile), it can save effort (and your back) if you grab the small amounts of leaves with the leaf grabber and add them all to a single bigger pile before finally picking them all up in one scoop and into the bin/compost heap/wheelbarrow.