Zoggs Predator Wiro-Frame Goggles

Once you have unpacked the box, you can tell that the Zoggs Predator Wiro-Frame goggles are at the top end of the swimming goggles spectrum.
Zoggs make a wide range of goggles, with one of the main features of the Predators being the curved lenses, meant to increase your field of vision compared to other models.

The lenses come with anti-fog lenses or Fogbuster, as well as maximum UV protection and have a two strand silicon strap which is very easy to adjust – especially compared with those annoying sorts where this is done from the sides. The strap is adjustable using a simple quick adjust clip.

Upon entering the pool for the first time, some minor water permeation into the goggles occurred and was then in need of the usual pouring out.  However, after that this did not seem to be an issue and the Zoggs Predator Wiro-Frame goggles performed well.  You can buy these goggles in a range of different colours.It must be said that the visibility when using the Zoggs Predator Wiro-Frame Goggles is very good indeed.