Vivre Sofitel Heathrow Review – London Restaurant Reviews

Address: Heathrow Terminal 5 London TW6 2GD

Vivre is the casual dining international restaurant. The design is an integral part of the concept bringing a grand environment and understated designs as one would find in an elegant modern open plan.

The food follows the same direction, revolving around what has become well known and appreciated by most people of all regions of the world “Traditional yet Contemporary International Cuisine” with the strong influence from flavours worldwide.

The range of international dishes available in Vivre can be seen by the different sections of the kitchen:

  • wok & curry
  • pizza & pasta
  • grill
  • fish
  • dessert

All dishes at Vivre authentically prepared, from the goodness of unique and high-quality ingredients, kept to maximise the natural taste and freshness of each dish.

A great restaurant and highly recommended!