Subway Restaurant Cambridge Leisure Park Review – Restaurant Reviews

Address: Cambridge Leisure Park, Cambridge CB1 7DY England UK

Subway Restaurant Cambridge Leisure Park Review

This Subway restaurant is located near one of the entrances of the Cambridge Leisure Park, next to a Tesco Metro one one side and then forming part of a string of other restaurant chain outlets.  In late 2013, the seating inside was changed for the better and two long benches plus a few tall tables are in situ.

If you’ve not been to a Subway before, it’s counter service starting from the right hand side where you select the type of bread you’d like your 6 inch or foot long sandwich on.  Look up and you’ll see the menu choices. Then you add toppings until reaching the cashier on the left.  There is a variety of subway sandwiches to suit most tastes as well as dressings and snack type side orders including cookies and crisps.  Subway restaurants are run under a franchise model, with the UK headquarters in Great Shelford, not far from this Subway restaurant.

This Subway is normally very clean and tidy, with a fairly limited number of seats that is usually just enough for the number of patrons.