Prezzo Kings Cross Review

Address: Unit 4, Mezzanine Level, Kings Cross Station, Euston Road N1C 4AL London UK

Above the train platform concourse sits Prezzo, nestled between other restaurants.
This is standard ‘upmarket pizza/pasta’ fare.

Unfortunately on this visit the temperature in the upper concourse was c-c-cold and one group of people came in, sat down and promptly left due to the temperature.

Following that, the service seemed OK, pretty friendly and staffed predominantly by young women with eastern European sounding accents.  Unfortunately shortly after noting this, one could be audibly overheard as she passed my table muttering rudely about one of the other customers (“***ng people”).  

The seating is comfortable enough, and the calamari starter tasted alright.

The Executive pizza with prawn and lobster took about 20 minutes to arrive after the starter was finished, which was too long.  The pizza was nothing to write home about.