The Oak Bistro Review – Cambridge Restaurant Reviews

Address: 6 Lensfield Road, Cambridge CB2 1EG, England UK

The Oak Bistro Review – Cambridge Restaurant Reviews

This place is a gem of a restaurant located in the heart of Cambridge.

The menu was in the British style and came with various delicious twists. The front of house is always up to the task. The host (plus all of his staff) are really friendly and helpful.

This all contributes to the overall positive experience.

The king prawns starter was perfectly cooked. Following that, you really will be impressed by the ribeye steak. If you decide to choose it to be done rare, the meat is of exceptional quality, cooked to absolute perfection.

And, it’s worth mentioing the chips. They are done properly – this isn’t fast food! They are proper thin chips but cooked really well.

If you are a dessert lover, try the chocolate fondant. It oozes with chocolate just like it should do. Absolutely superb.

The wine list has a great range. There is a good mix of prices and also it has to be said, some unusual wines. You could do better than trying the Pomino Branco.

Recommended. Just go there and you’ll thank me later!