Giesswein Merino Wool Runners Review – No Sweat!

These merino runners are fantastically comfortable. You can really tell that the designers were aiming for maximum comfort and style when they thought about this shoe. It’s made of 100% merino wool – quite a twist on a running shoe – and it really does have excellent grip.

The blurb mentions that the Geisswein Merino Wool Runners have a ‘unique 3D Stretch technology’, and this womens’ shoe really is flexible – you feel it immediately.

The Giesswein Runners are also amazingly lightweight; The level of comfort is second to none. Here’s their promotional video, although rather oddly the model does not seem to be doing much running in them:

What we absolutely adore about this brand is that they are naturally odour-resistant. That’s because of the wool – a bit like Ugg boots. It means that as a running shoe, you don’t even create a smell in the shoes when you decide not to wear socks. Brilliant!

This is because of the natural properties of the merino wool ensuring that your feet are kept cool in summer & warm in the winter.

To top it off, this wool material means no itching or scratching whatsoever – well, from our personal experience.