Fiskars Xact Weed Puller Review

When you have a weed problem and don’t want to use chemical sprays, the first option is to get down on your hands and knees and get a grip.

However, that soon leads to Internet searching after your back gives in yet again to manual labour-related strains and aches. Here we look at a possible solution: a weed puller that can be used from a standing position.

Using the Xact Weed Puller

The device is pretty tall at 1.12 metres. However, it needs to be in order to give your back a break. The good thing is that it’s also lightweight at less than 1kilogram. This is because it is made of fibreglass which keeps the weight nice and low.

The Fiskars Xact weed puller is for removing weeds from soft ground areas like grass lawns and flower beds. It’s not suitable for anything else hard such as driveways, as it needs to get a grip and be inserted into the ground.

To operate the weed puller, you need to push it into the ground directly in the centre of where the weed that you need to extract is. Then, push firmly into the ground.

Next, you can pull the device towards you and the weed will be gripped in its claws. It then gets (hopefully) fully extracted roots and all.

Hasta la vista, Weedy

One of the coolest (yet probably unintentional) features of the weed puller will be enough to tip the scales in favour of getting one of these.

After extracting a weed, its basically stuck on the end of the spikes. So, what you do to remove it is to use a “pump action” manouvre on the device to eject that weed.

Yes, it’s like holding a shotgun for those few moments and the feeling of power rushes through your body. Well, you have to make weed pulling fun somehow…

Holy Moly – Does it Just Remove the Weed?

If there is a possible downside to all of this, it is that the Fiskars Xact weed puller does tend to leave holes in your lawn. The holes are not generally huge but if it’s a wide-spreading weed then you might need to fill it in a bit.

One thing’s for sure, the wee puller certainly does the job. Some weeds that get extracted have really long tap roots and it somehow manages to mostly always get them all out.

Here’s Dan Jacobs with his take on the Fiskars Xact weed puller review. He found the same kind of things as me.

Final Thoughts on the Xact Weed Puller

Given the back-saving design of this device, it’s a definite thumbs up from this gardener.

Yes, it can leave holes in the lawn when catching a tough weed, but you can easily push grass back over it and it will go back to normal in a couple of weeks.

That really is the only drawback that I found. The price point, for what you get in speed and efficiency, is solid.