Byron Hamburgers Restaurant Review Cambridge

Address: 12 Bridge Street Cambridge CB2 1UF England

Upon entering this burger restaurant, it wasn’t clear if we would be able to secure a table, because inside looked insanely busy. Luckily the friendly host took care of things and sat us down.

We were ready to wait a long time to be served and eat. That’s because the restaurant was so full it was hard to hear each other while we were talking.

Thankfully we were in for a nice surprise! The waitress approached right away, being relaxed and helpful. Given the business of the place, that was a relief.

You really must look at the cheeseburger, and the burger with jalapeños. The range of burgers here is pretty impressive and should please any burger afficionado!

The Chilli Queen burger was seemed to be cooked perfectly and the skin in fries were excellent. When it comes to the milkshakes, like most of these kinds of establishments they are very overpriced.

Byron could be accused of taking the mick charging £5 for a strawberry milkshake.

However, given the number of students in the place, the costs were clearly acceptable!

Worth a visit for sure.